Creative Advertising - Creative Advertising ideas That Actually Works Best

Creative Advertising - Creative Advertising ideas That Actually Works Best

Creative Advertising - Creative Advertising ideas That Actually Works Best

in Today's world where we’re bombarded by so many unremarkable ads and marketing is getting tough, creative marketing is sunshine for new brands and marketers.
creative Advertising is Growing Day by day and it's one of the most popular and effective ways of advertisement, so many Creative companies are using this method of
advertising for growing their audience base. and it's highly effective, recommended by great marketers and an expansive but worthy way of advertising.

What is Creative Advertising?

Marketing is art and science, so creativity is the soul of advertising and branding.
Creativity is critical to effective advertising. Many famous brands have used creativity to build brand images with greater meaning the basic capabilities of their
products(like Coca-Cola and others). Leadership in creativity and artistry in advertising help distinguish brand leaders. Knowing how to use creativity to
deliver powerful ad messages is key.

Tips for a Great Creative Marketing

there are so many types of marketing ( like print marketing, digital marketing, television marketing, radio marketing, etc) you have to be conscious and
open mind with your marketing campaigns. what will works best for you and what not?


In creative marketing preparation is the backbone, you have prepared a model and a design and a look for your campaign and make it different than the rest.

The Evaluation

After a solution reveals itself in an epiphany, the individual then evaluates whether the insight is worth the pursuit. He may make changes to his solution
so it is clearer. He may consult with peers or supervisors regarding his insights during this step before pursuing it further. If he works with clients,
he may seek a client’s input and approval before moving on to the next step.

The Implementation

The implementation of an idea or solution in the creative process model is when an individual begins the process of transforming her thoughts into a final product.
For example, during this step, a painter may begin outlining shapes on a canvas with charcoal before applying oil paints to the medium. According to Gabora,
an individual may begin this step more than once in order to reach the desired outcome.

Best Book On Creative Marketing

Ideas of Creative Marketing By some Guru Marketers

1- Be Funny

Good and creative ads have a foundation in common knowledge or shared humor. It’s like creating an inside joke with your prospective customers!

2-Invest in Creative Business Cards

Though you wouldn’t normally look at business cards as an advertisement for your business, you should! There are tons of creative ideas for business cards depending on what your profession is. I personally like the tiny cheese grater—something useful for picnics and an advertisement!

3-Orion Telescopes


No, that’s not another delivery truck racing to beat FedEx to the next stop. It’s a cheeky paint job conceptualized by two students at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg Germany. The message is easy to understand here, and it ties into the company’s value proposition: FedEx is always first.

5-Creative Billboards That Mimic Nature – Nestle
If creativity is what you’re looking for, you don’t have to stick to the classic rectangular shape. Get inspired by this Nestle billboard!

6-Creative Frontline Ad

This great add example from Frontline is fully visible only from above, but it’s very suggestive.

7-Nivea Advertising Inspiration

Nivea has always been an example of creativity and inspiring advertising, and this ad makes no exception.

8-Creative Weight Watchers Print

Weight Watchers comes back to our top with a not so subtle print that shows a solution in a clever and funny way.

9-Duracell Escalator

10-The Pasta Hotline

Creative and funny ad from Eatalica known as the pasta hotline.

11-Choose One

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